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Micro-Soldering And Board Level Repairs on All Brands, Laptop Repairs and BIOS Flashing, We Specialise on Apple Products Under Microscope

  • Software reloading for corrupted firmware

  • Freezing/hanging or any malfunctions during use

  • Virus infections

  • Forgotten security credentials like privacy protection password, last synced google account and lock codes, i-phone disabled, pattern lock

  • Menus/features are no longer accessible

  • Slow user interface

  • Battery drain

  • Version upgrade

  • Rebooting

  • Internet connection problems

  • LCD touch screen replacement

  • Charge block replacement or charging problems

  • Network problems

  • Liquid damage

  • Mic not working

  • Speaker not working

  • Overheating

  • Headphone port

  • Camera issues

  • Ringer problem

  • Dead or no power

  • SIM reader problems


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